Hungry in London? Best places to eat when you are in the city

When I travel I always try to eat their local food and try different food. Healthy or not I like food.

And most of the time I am thinking what and when am I going to eat next. Probably like most people I am drawn to these unhealthy food chains that you don’t have at home and want to try like Pizza Hut, Five Guys burgers and fries, etc.  Although I always try to eat as healthy as possible, there are always burgers on my menu.


These are some of my tips on where to eat in London:

1. Wasabi

If you like sushi I recommend Wasabi. The prices are nice and the food is delicious. They prepare fresh food from which you can choose like soups, noodles, curry rice, etc. I tried my first sushi there and I am in love! You can buy them in small packets for only 1 pound.




2. Pizza Express

Relatively good pizza, because I haven’t found a good pizza anywhere. They are a bit small so you can’t share it, also try their garlic bread with mozzarella, yum!




3. Jack’s

The cutest place to have breakfast and of course you have to try their typical English breakfast. They have a lot of different alternatives for vegetarians as well. The only bad thing is that it is located in Zone 2 in Kilburn.



4. Nandos

Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to try it, I’ve heard it’s really delicious and the prices are good as well.

5. Five Guys burgers and fries

I first tried their burgers when I was in Miami, so when I saw they also have them in London I was jumping of happiness. Yeah I really like burgers and theirs are delicious! Fresh and full of veggies. I recommend you take cheeseburger all the way. It means with all the toppings. Thank me later! 🙂



6. Wetherspoon

Nice place to eat or to just have drinks. I tried their Mac and cheese and it was delicious! The portions are a bit small.


7. Pret a manger

Not a place to eat actually but they have the best mint tea. Now you know! And they are on every corner just like Starbucks.


I am sure there are much better places to eat while in London but these are a good locations if you are on a budget and still want to eat good.

If you have any tips on what we should try next time when we are in London please share in the comments bellow.


Foto: Barbara Karničar

Barbara Karničar

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