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As being a woman is so fabulously amazing, it can also be so fabulously hard. And we all have listened to this phrase. But everyone of us has to work on the inworld and on the self-experience of self-awareness.


Yes, hard, and we always keep telling to ourselves, c´mon, you can do it, you are strong enough, there´s no one like you out there. Yes, it goes on for a while, but there are days when you, but let’s say it, I, keep thinking of where I am and what I´ve been through and how far I´ve come, thanks to all the visualization all the planning and the energy, the good vibes and all the people standing by my side and coming through my life. Things happening and things going by. Cherrishing all the true friends, family and all the good-hearted people that opened up and gave a sense, a new vision to everything, to why  like this and why not in another way that I was imagining before. But still, being able now to say that I wouldn´t change a thing, I still can say that there´s that little part of the ego-freak still taking contol once in a while and needs to be putted down by me. Hard to say it to ourselves, but it´s the work with us, the “look in the mirror” in our soul that is the hardest one.



And it came to it when I discovered that I lost it, the love, because of myself. And there it started all over, a new me, a new beginning, a reinvented one, with all new goals, the real ones, the “we” ones that are happening now.


I am so happy that being a woman is so fabulosly beautiful, so real and full of this magical energy that is going on day by day in different always new ways, the 6th sense, that I now listen very carefully. Thanks to this big step in the last year, a new world opened up. My eyes opened thanks to one special person, but it´s always like this, and all is clear, the good and the bad, and there are no 50-shades of grey masks. And that is the amazig way of how life goes on, inspiring and clean, coz we all like it clean, full of love and stars in our eyes.


Stay pure, be love.



Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

The Cute Queen (Editor in Chief)

Little Cutie full of energy and good will. New challenges, new knowledge, inspirations, creations, fell of beauty and greatness, is what guides me in life. I love to be with people that inspire me and flow with my energy. With them I am building my dreamlife, my Cute Life. Be Cute

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