CHIA PUDDING with apple

Chia pudding is so easy to make!

You will need:

  • 2 cup oat milk (or milk you like)
  • ¼ cup chia seeds

In a small bowl whisk together the oat milk and chia seeds and mix thoroughly. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Serve with choppped apples, mapel syrup, pumpkin seeds and dried apricots.


Chia puding z jabolko

Chia pudig je tako preprost za pripravit!


  • 2 skodelici ovsenega mleka (ali mleka po vašem okusu)
  • ¼ skodelice chia semen

V posodi dobro premešamo mleko in chia semena, pokrijemo in damo v hladilnik čez noč. Naslednje jutro dodamo na manjše koščke narezano jabolko, javorjev sirup, bučnimi semeni in suhimi marelicami.


Recipe & photo: Aleša Velikonja, studiocapsula Photography

Aleša Velikonja Aljoša Kravanja

We are a couple in life and with in photography. As caractrs very different, but this is very positive for our work with photography, because we complete each other. Despite the differences, we have a couple of complementary interests, art, fashion, architecture and we love to travel and we love love love food.

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